Yoshitaka Uchino's Light Terrace House House

Yoshitaka Uchino Shares The Light Terrace House House

Yoshitaka Uchino, the project leader of the displayed work Award Winning Light Terrace House House demonstrates, Yoshitaka Uchino designs spaces where people feel natures such as light, wind, and rain. Inspired by architectures with impressive light, <Cropped>

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Hip Chair-Office Chair by Sunon Design Team and Alegredesign

Sunon Design Team and Alegredesign Discloses The Hip Chair Office Chair

Sunon Design Team and Alegredesign, the creative mind behind the displayed design Hip Chair - Office chair by Sunon Design Team and Alegredesign illustrates, Hip chair, the hip game.It is designed so that the back of the chair adapts to the movement <Cropped>

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Lhm Kindergarten by Moriyuki Ochiai Architects Inc

Moriyuki Ochiai Architects Inc. Portrays The Lhm Kindergarten Kindergarten/Nursery School

Moriyuki Ochiai Architects Inc., the project leader of the awarded work Award Winning LHM Kindergarten kindergarten / nursery school points out, We designed a playful and exciting interior of kindergarten. We experimented with a landscape design popu <Cropped>

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Fresh Product Call

Sell Yours or Your Friend’s Product or Prototype! Since Our Re-sellers Are Constantly Asking Us For New Products, We Are Reaching Out For Your Help. We Need New Products For Business Gifts Sector

Sell yours or your friend’s product or prototype! since our re-sellers are constantly asking us for new products, we are reaching out for your help. we need new products for business gifts sector. .

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Sustainable Design Award

The a' Design Green Design Award Is Open For Submissions For Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design

A’ Design Award & Competition announces open for the entries of the Green Design Awards. The purpose of Green Design Award is to highlight and promote the most interesting, best, and brightest green design projects worldwide. Original design i <Cropped>

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Paper Trip-Illustration Handkerchief by Natsuki Camino

Natsuki Camino Shares The Paper Trip Illustration Handkerchief

Natsuki Camino, the creator of the awarded project Paper Trip by Natsuki Camino points out, The design style of Natsuki Camino is called Chigiri-e, creating artwork with the method of torn colored paper collage. It's not a simple collage, her de <Cropped>

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E-Graphics Communications's Hitachi Airy Pamphlet

E-Graphics Communications Spotlights The Hitachi Airy Pamphlet

E-graphics communications, the designer of the awarded design E-graphics communications's HITACHI airy Pamphlet explains, Airy is Hitachi’s mobile X-Ray system and developed to be a reliable partner for female operators to provide strong sup <Cropped>

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Jonathan Nacif De Andrade's Clive Cosmetics Packaging

Jonathan Nacif De Andrade Illustrates The Clive Cosmetics Packaging

Jonathan Nacif de Andrade, the project leader of the award winning work Cosmetics Packaging by Jonathan Nacif de Andrade spells out, The concept of Clive cosmetics packaging was born to be different. Jonathan did not just want to create another brand <Cropped>

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Slid-Disposable Coffee Lid by Scott Shim and Loren Chen

Scott Shim and Loren Chen Designs The Slid Disposable Coffee Lid

Scott Shim and Loren Chen, the maker of the awarded design Slid by Scott Shim and Loren Chen illustrates, Slid is a drink through disposable lid with an angled design that improves the flow of hot drinks and offers ergonomic references to prevent dir <Cropped>

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Game Centre:meland Meilin by Oft Interiors

Oft Interiors Presents The Meland Meilin Game Centre

Oft Interiors , the designer of the highlighted project Meland Meilin by Oft Interiors explains, Multifunctional Chair" or "Multifunctional Umbrella" or you could simply state the main side function such as "Messaging Chair" <Cropped>

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