Postcards Series :selfish Postcards Collages by Sharon Webber-Zvik

Sharon Webber-Zvik Reveals The Selfish Postcards Collages Postcards Series

Sharon Webber-Zvik, the project leader of the award winning project Selfish Postcards Collages by Sharon Webber-Zvik demonstrates, The Native Americans believed that a camera is capable of capturing a person's soul. The designer feel very uncomf <Cropped>

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Eye-Wear by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shares The Constellation Eye-Wear

The thinktank behind the award winning design Constellation by Acclaimed Designer explains, The “constellation” project shows a conceptual idea of fashion accessory design. It is mainly presented an eye wear object which composed by a simplified <Cropped>

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Tourist Attraction by George Tumpalov

George Tumpalov Creates The in Love With The Wind Tourist Attraction

George Tumpalov, the author of the highlighted project Tourist attraction:In love with the wind by George Tumpalov spells out, Castle In love with the wind is a 20th century residence set within 10 acres landscape near the village of Ravadinovo, an A <Cropped>

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Architecture-Pendant (necklace) by Kim Hung Chea

Kim Hung Chea Designs The Architecture Pendant (necklace)

Kim Hung Chea, the architect of the highlighted work Pendant (necklace) by Kim Hung Chea points out, It is a see through container pendant that allows hanging thing inside. The piece incorporates with various architectures. The design is inspired b <Cropped>

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Award Winning Teawood Mega Box Restaurant and Cafe

Vincent Chi-Wai Chiang Demonstrates The Teawood Mega Box Restaurant and Cafe

Vincent Chi-wai Chiang, the maker of the awarded work Restaurant and cafe by Vincent Chi-wai Chiang points out, Gift box is a symbol of joy and a creation of magical memory for everyone and also express happiness and love. Designer modernized the cub <Cropped>

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Mabrada-Console by May Khoury

May Khoury Presents The Mabrada Console

May Khoury, the creative mind behind the award winning design Award Winning Mabrada Console spells out, A unique console made of painted wood with stone finish, showcasing an old authentic coffee grinder which goes back to the ottoman period. A Jord <Cropped>

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Craft Beer Bar by Archpoint Design

Archpoint Design Discloses The Parka Bar Craft Beer Bar

Archpoint design, the creator of the awarded work Parka bar - Craft beer bar by Archpoint design spells out, This craft beer bar different from the others because of its not tipical atmosphere - simpiose of loft and scandinavian minimalism. The eleme <Cropped>

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Wedding Poster-Signboard to Welcome The Guests by Studio-Takeuma

Studio-Takeuma Discloses The Wedding Poster Signboard to Welcome The Guests

Studio-Takeuma, the creator of the awarded work Signboard to welcome the guests by Studio-Takeuma demonstrates, Graphic design for wedding poster. In Japanese wedding, usually "welcome board",i.e., invitation poster is displayed at the ent <Cropped>

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Homeware Design Contest

The a Design Award Is Looking Out For Fabulous Homeware Designs Coming From Passionate Furniture Designers

Be ready because the homeware design competition has started and this time the competition is expected to attract the most traffic. A' Design Award and Competition has announced the submission and registering deadlines for the Homeware Design Co <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Solbooth Sustainable Communication Point

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Solbooth Sustainable Communication Point

The author of the highlighted design Acclaimed Designer's Solbooth Sustainable Communication Point spells out, Aiming to create a sustainable and iconic communication point for modern urban environment, Solbooth is an eco phone-booth that uses s <Cropped>

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