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Sar Jane

The weight of hammers sold in the market is fixed. We will prepare multiple hammers to meet different needs. The hammer head is made of alloy steel. During production, it is necessary to melt and mix a variety of metals and then process them with different processes to obtain different characteristics. The entire production process consumes a lot of energy and releases a lot of carbon emissions. Sara Jane's hammer handle has a movable counterweight slider. By changing the position of the counterweight, the weight of the hammer head can be adjusted to meet the needs of use.

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Oktoflex Premium

With its clear, distinctly proportioned areas and precise edges, the machine looks altogether very modern and progressive. The ergonomically arranged and clearly structured control panels together with the audit areas were neatly and with high contrast integrated into the housing. The system comes across as being generally very user friendly.

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Ultra High Vacuum Sputtering System

The system is equipped with multiple UHV chambers: evaporation chamber, sputtering chamber, processing chamber, load lock, electron beam evaporation source. The whole system is fully automatic control, which supports semi-automatic mode, manual mode, and remote maintenance. The UHV Sputter System has neat and intuitive modelling, elaborate surface treatment, smooth and brightening texture, which gives the person a feeling of soft, simple, modern and beautiful. Ergonomic design pursues the details.

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This portable handling tool, with a self-weight of merely 25kg, can achieve easy floating movement on the ground under a maximum load of 16 tons. It is driven by compressed air and utilizes air-floating modules as the core bearing component. There are no assembly tools needed, no consumables required, and no damage to the ground during operating. Its shake-free carrying process ensures the safety of workers and objects being transferred. Apart from its individual usage, the product can achieve flexible carryings in combination with gantry cranes and forklifts.

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Avalanche's beauty and innovation derives from the natural onyx stone look. Transparency of the quartz surface and usability of it as a lighting unit, makes it new and unique in the market. It is also a product that believed to enhance the brand recognition by the end users, in the market. By its long vein design, it suits the latest trends and be ahead of its competitors with its onyx resemblance.

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Laser Welding System

This design is a lithium battery welding equipment, through the transmission positioning device and laser welding device with the automatic welding of lithium battery, instead of manual welding, a high degree of automation, improve the welding efficiency of lithium battery, save manpower and material resources, to ensure the quality of lithium battery welding.

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