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Silent Bull

The current technology is to enable lithium batteries to provide power for excavators. This electric excavator equipped with high-energy lithium batteries can reduce noise pollution significantly. Compared to conventional diesel engines, The excavator can also reduce engine space for storing more tools which can increase productivity and save more time.

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Femtika Nanofactory

Femtika Nanofactory is innovative laser machine, that has clear and modern shape design. Orange colored parts highlights the shape. Design is based on two modules: upper and lower. The lower module holds laser's control computer, and upper module holds laser device. Device has led interior lightening, anti vibration legs and powerful ventilation system. Front door goes up and slides down automatically by pressing a button in order to save place. Side covers are stiff but lightweight and removable in order to easily serve the device. Design is friendly for additional laser modifications.

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New LumiFoldTB

The New Lumifold, is a system designed to make a 3D printer smaller than its printing volume. It takes up little space, can be carried in a suitcase and used wherever you need. This opens to new scenarios: a doctor in developing countries or emergency areas could 3D print travelling where his/her work is needed, a teacher could build a 3D file during lesson, a designer could create for and with the customer, a prototype on the spot giving live presentations. TB is a light-curing resin-based version, which uses daylight 3D resins and the screen of a simple tablet as protagonist of 3D printing.

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Buchar MC.B5

A light but strong power hammer called Buchar MC.B5 was intentionally developed for enthusiasts, jewellery makers as well as professional blacksmiths. Thanks to its installable wheels is easily relocatable. It allows to adjust the workspace effectively according to current needs even in a small workshop or a garage. Although, the design is focused on simplicity and easy maintenance, the machine is suitable to shape a workpiece with diameter in a range of 0-35 mm and at the same time the force is also adjustable.

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Sar Jane

The weight of hammers sold in the market is fixed. We will prepare multiple hammers to meet different needs. The hammer head is made of alloy steel. During production, it is necessary to melt and mix a variety of metals and then process them with different processes to obtain different characteristics. The entire production process consumes a lot of energy and releases a lot of carbon emissions. Sara Jane's hammer handle has a movable counterweight slider. By changing the position of the counterweight, the weight of the hammer head can be adjusted to meet the needs of use.

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Oktoflex Premium

With its clear, distinctly proportioned areas and precise edges, the machine looks altogether very modern and progressive. The ergonomically arranged and clearly structured control panels together with the audit areas were neatly and with high contrast integrated into the housing. The system comes across as being generally very user friendly.

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